HEOS 1 HS2 דנון

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NEW High Resolution Audio Support
NEW Bluetooth® Integrated
Wi-Fi wireless audio streaming over your existing network
Custom mid-woofer and dome tweeter
Sealed enclosure features humidity protection
High efficiency dual channel digital power amplification
Optional GoPack rechargeable battery pack/base
Amazing sound from a compact, portable wireless speaker.

Listen to your favourite audio tracks wirelessly, via Bluetooth* and Wi-Fi audio streaming.

The compact enclosure features humidity resistance, making the HEOS 1 ideal for listening in damp or steamy environments, such as the bathroom.

Connect your favourite portable device directly to the HEOS 1 via the USB port. There's also a stereo line input for analog audio sources.

The HEOS 1 features advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to deliver full range sound, with custom EQ sound tailoring that helps deliver a smooth, natural tonal balance, along with dual channel Class D digital audio amplification.

Featuring custom dual drivers including a wide range mid-woofer and precision dome tweeter, the HEOS 1 enclosure is sealed for humidity resistance, making it ideal for use in a damp environment.

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