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יצרן: Lenovo , סוג מוצר: מחשב All-in-One , דגם מעבד: Intel® Core™ i7-8700T Processor (12M Cache, up to 4.0 GHz), נפח זכרון פנימי: 8GB , נפח אחסון: סוג דיסק: SSD 128GB + 1TB HDD, גודל מסך: 23.8 , רזולוציה: 1920x1080 , דגם כרטיס מסך: AMD Radeon™ 530 2GB, מערכת הפעלה: Windows 10 Home 64Bit , תקופת האחריות: שנה , סוג האחריות: איסוף והחזרה מבית הלקוח , נותן השירות: CPM

שחור צבע
Windows 10 Home 64Bit מערכת הפעלה
Intel® Core™ I7-8700T Processor מעבד
12M Cache, up to 4 GHz מהירות
8GB DDR4 זיכרון סטנדרטי
16GB זיכרון מירבי
SSD 128GB + 1TB HDD גודל דיסק
DVDRW כונן
חריצי הרחבה
1080*1920 רזולוציה
יש מצלמה קדמית
לא מסך מגע
802.11ac, 1x1, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth® Wireless
AMD Radeon™ 530 2GB כרטיס גרפי
אלחוטי Keyboard & Mouse
2 USB 2.0
2 USB 3.0
2x 3W speakers הערות 1
אחריות ושירות
שנה משך האחריות
איסוף והחזרה סוג האחריות

Power and speed behind the beauty

Ideacentre AIO 520 is equipped with up to a 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, a new standard for PC performance. We’ve added revolutionary Intel® Optane™ memory – a smart, adaptable system accelerator made specifically for your new 8th Gen Intel Core system. Intel Optane technology provides uncompromising responsiveness for systems with mega storage drives, making everything you do faster, smoother, and easier. Now is the time to get excited about Ideacentre AIO 520.

Seamless videos, whether you’re watching or editing

Want to have smooth animation on your PC? AMD Radeon™ 530 is designed to deliver a more advanced experience than integrated graphics, giving you faster graphics performance for video streaming, while also accelerating photo- and video-editing applications.

24" of crystal-clear resolution

Rewatching your snowboarding footage? Relive the moment and see every snowflake fly off your board, thanks to our Full HD (1920 x 1080) borderless display. And with a 10-point multitouch display, it’s even easier to scroll through footage, pause, and zoom in on the best clips.

Striking new design

The Ideacentre AIO 520 was designed with a razor-thin border, slim monitor, and sleek steel stand. This modern profile is a perfect accent for your home’s workspace – and it’s available in Silver or Black.

Take data transmission speed to new levels

Ideacentre AIO 520 includes a USB 3.0 connection, taking you to a new level of data transmission with a transfer rate of 5 Gbit per second.

Get Cortana’s assistance from across the room

Meet Cortana, your own personal digital assistant who is prepared to answer your questions, open necessary apps, set reminders and even read appointments from your calendar. Merely type your request into the search bar or speak it out. And now, as the first AIO to offer an optional Far Field Mic, Ideacentre AIO 520 makes it possible to give Cortana voice commands from up to five meters away.

Windows Hello knows your face

Ideacentre AIO 520 stands out with its infrared camera (Optional), allowing Windows Hello to log you into your computer in less than two seconds – just by scanning your face. And when you walk away from your desk, Windows Hello detects your absence and automatically locks your computer.

Infrared (IR) camera (optional); required for use with Windows Hello

Webcam sees you only when you want it to

Webcam fright. We’ve all had it. It’s the split second when you wonder if your camera is truly off – or if the people on your conference call have just seen you in your pajamas. Ideacentre AIO 520 alleviates that fear – with a convenient pop-up webcam at the top of the display. Press to release it when you need it, and simply push it back in place when you’re done, and want guaranteed privacy. Working from home just got better.

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